Hard Knocks Inc. C5 Wormhole Corp - Recruiting PvPers in all timezones


Iā€™m interested!

Please contact me in game - 65m sp and I meet your requirements :slight_smile:

EST is my time zone

Follow the instructions in the first post if you are interested in joining.

Currently looking for a c5 c5 pvp wh Corp. Have various ships I can fly including a naglfar and I love flying loggot guardian and basilisk. Minmatar cruiser 5 is in my queue. Been in a c5 c5 Corp before but ended up in a psych unit fir 4 years as I was unwelli can download ts3 in my phone for a chat

Join our pub chat and speak with any of our recruiters :slight_smile:

Still recruiting

Also, still recruiting

Yes, we are recruiting

Recruitment ongoing

iā€™m interestted to join guy

Still recruiting

Recruitment is open

Yes, recruitment is still happening

Recruitment, be happening

Recruitment continues

Are we recruiting? Yes we are