Hard Mode - Streaming - PVP - Wormhole - Incursion

Hi, my name is Anton, CEO of Active Incorporated. This is a new corporation and I need recruits with a long term vision. You can see what I’ve been up to at https://www.youtube.com/user/ActiveAnton

About you:

Can join a Discord server for coms, mic/headset required
Open to learning and teaching
Long term growth oriented

The goal:

  1. Create a small, tight knit tactical team.
  2. Get a ton of PVP and PVE fleet experience
  3. Become fleet PVP experts
  4. Continue recruiting, grow
  5. Do something totally badass like take over a region of the game

Hard Mode:

Other players like to use stream content to their tactical advantage. …but there might be ways to turn this around.
We play in low sec, null sec and wormhole space.
We kill and die and suffer defeat and celebrate victory and ultimately have a ton of fun.

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Growing slowly with some small gang stream fleets forming.