US Active Duty/Veteran WH/Hi sec Corp seeking miners and combatants

About us:
We are veteran owned and operated. We do everything with a focus on mission/site running, mining and industry. We do work out of worm holes and actively participate in an alliance. Our corp is comprised of about 80% to 90% US active duty military and veterans. If you are in the military or are a military veteran we want you… and your friends. Although, we seek military/veterans we encourage anyone to apply that is interested in what we do. We are an active corp looking for active pilots. All of our pilots are required to participate in the corp in someway. It is highly recommended that you are at least present in the corporate chat or on comm’s and be active when you can. This is a good corp to start your journey and to learn the game in good company.

Current needs:
Currently accepting applications of ACTIVE Pilots that are willing to do PvP every once and a while and that​ are interested in the following:
PvP/Security/missions/site running

We specifically seek Active Duty Military/Veterans and anyone willing to meet our corp requirements. We do consider every applicant and every applicant must talk to a recruiter before any applications is accepted or invitation sent. PM or Email me

Must adhere to the corp guidelines.
A FULL API is required.​​
The ability to at least hear comm’s is required while in worm hole space.​
If you are not active for 45 days and you have not notified the corp CO before hand your roles will be removed and be will be discharged shortly there after.
Must be willing to move to our worm hole base of operations at some point.

What we offer:
Esprit De Corps
Comm’s through Discord
Good mix of experience
Loot buy back program
Low tax rate around 8%
Relaxed environment most days.
An open corporate chat with experienced players for game related questions
PvP training
Orca support

The corp guidelines:
All are welcome here.
You are a soldier/fighter first. Please have a ship you can fight with. All other professions are secondary.
If someone asks a question. Please, respond to the question if you know the answer.
Absolutely no scamming… ANYBODY
Never steal from GJSEC or its members.
Leave your political and religious views at the log in screen. I come here to escape that ■■■■ as I am sure you do too.
Finish what you start. Don’t leave you buddy hanging.
Have fun.
No drama.
No whining about the things you lose.
Keep it friendly. If you want to be a dick go somewhere else.
Enter Low/Null Sec at your own risk.
Training to be the best at a specific role.
Real life comes first if your going to be gone for a while let the C.O. know.

Does Law Enforcement count in your opinion for active duty?

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