Hardly Competent | Recruiting PvP Corporations

The Dream: https://youtu.be/K2t-ShtA8H0

Hi everyone!

Hardly Competent is looking for more corporations to join us on our journey from low-sec to null. We’re currently based in Tash-Murkon/Domain low-sec, and we’re waging an uphill battle against Provibloc.

We’re looking for positive-minded, PvP-centric corporations (preferably with experience in hunting and guerrilla warfare) to join us in our endeavor. Null-sec experience is a plus, but we aren’t looking for bitter nullseccers. Less experienced corporations will be considered - we do have training options.

We currently offer:

  1. A positive, RL first community with big Eve ambitions
  2. Stratop SRP through our coalition, The Kairos Initiative
  3. Numerous PvP opportunities, from small-scale guerrilla warfare to large-scale capital fights
  4. A growing body of players hungry for PvP content

If you’re interested in bringing your experience to the table, please send “Martin Lockheart” a message ingame.

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