Join Our Story | Hardly Competent is Recruiting PvP and Industrial Corporations

Hardly Competent began as a partnership between two small high-sec. industrial corporations who wanted to go to null-sec.

Over time, that partnership evolved to include more like-minded corporations. We grew, we began to develop our PvP skills (with a special kind of lackluster result), and after moving to low-sec and losing an engagement with Snuffed Out, we took on the name “Hardly Competent” with the belief that self-honesty and humility in failure is the first step to success.

Several months later, after many setbacks and successes, we’re much closer to reaching our goals. We have high- and low-sec operations and campaigns, and we have a small foothold in nullsec with our coalition. Our leadership has developed experience and knowledge, and we have a multitude of partnerships to create content and accomplish larger goals.

And now, we’re looking to grow again.

If you’re a PvP or Industrial corporation (small or large) interested in joining our story and contributing to building something fresh, and if you have a healthy attitude toward the game and your fellow players, we’re the alliance for you.

We offer:

  • Daily Fleet PvP
  • Stratop SRP
  • High and low-sec mining opportunities
  • A growing PvE wing
  • Null-sec foothold for PvP and dangerous PvE content
  • The opportunity to help build something new, not just maintain something

If you’re interested, send a message to Martin Lockheart. We’ll talk, we’ll see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

And, hopefully, we’ll work toward a future together.

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