Hardly Competent | Sov Null Alliance | Join The Story

Hardly Competent is an NBSI Sov Null alliance located in Providence, and we’re looking to build something new amidst the wreckage that CVA has left behind.

We’ve spent the past two years working our way from high-sec to null, and now that we’ve accomplished that goal, we’re recruiting those who want to continue to build something fresh. We’re writing a new story, and we want you to come with us.

We offer:

  1. Friendly alliance with serious goals and ambitions
  2. Stratop SRP under our coalition
  3. Access to Rekking Crew content and fleets
  4. Space to call your own, to farm and protect

We’re Looking For:

  1. Active corporations with at least one content creator
  2. Community-centered players who want to work with others to accomplish big things
  3. Corps ready to move to null-sec and take on the task of building a small empire together

For inquiries, please message Ragnorici or Martin Lockheart.

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