Harmonic receiver

The Harmonic Receiver fits in a low slot and can pick up the ping of combat and core scanners only, not directional scanners and can give the general direction that the ping is coming from, not the location.

What’s the point of this low slot module? You can already find Combat and Core probes using Dscan. Set it to a short distance like 2-3AU to see if they’ve managed to pinpoint your location.

Some ships can be probed at pretty high range.

…then increase the Dscan range?.. ???

You can’t set directional beyond 14.5 AU this will cover the system like your core and combat scanners do.

So the point of this low slot module is to… what? Warn you if your ship is being combat probed by scanner probes that are greater than 14 AU away from you?

Yes, it gives you also an idea that someone is in the system but does not give location so it would be valuable in wormhole space.

Sounds like a dumb idea for lazy and scared people, but whatever. As long as you have to activate it and it doesn’t do things for you automatically. :woman_shrugging: Should also halve your lock range, scan resolution, etc. just like Warp Core Stabs and the rest of the coward items.

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