Harmony Order looking for comrades, our will is overwhelming. ( EU/US )

We are based in highsec, not far from Jita. Main time zone is Eu (50% people) then US (30% of our population)
We welcome all casuals and we believe there is something more important than personal interest, and we believe that this Universes need an order instead of a permanently war between people, namely the Harmony : https://pastebin.com/sDrTnX87 (Our creed)
Anyone follows that creed can be apart of us, what matter you are a person, corp or even an alliance.
For now we are gathering people and resource, pve farm runs make us 30~60m isk per hour per person, and also we have frigates/destroyers fleet so we can let our pvpers to train and make some roaming runs, once strong enough, then we will go invade nullsec with our huge fleet, for now we have already constantly 20+ onlines
if your ship got destroyed in war, we will give you a new one for free and payback all your lost, implements,cargo included, members war loses is corp’s responsibility x)
And we have 7 moon stations for people prefer mining, you can farm alot per hour there, and moon stations are 4 jumps away from Jita.
If you are interested or have any question please contact me in game, my ingame name is Governor MrLee, will be glad to discuss with you.

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The recruitment is still open.

Recruitement still open, need more miners, pvpers

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