Harpy vs Hawk for pve (missions)

As the title says, I would like to hear which one I should train into EXCLUSIVELY for pve mission running.
I have maxed skills for missiles and rockets but I dont mind training guns as I have a few injectors to spare.
Having said this, I wonder what’s their difference in style.
My understanding is that the Harpy is more of a sniper sort of dps while Hawk is more of a brawler and tankier thanks to the extra shield booster benefit.
Any advice?

Hawk as you can switch ammo types to match but honestly you would be better off training for enyo as that great little ship can also run several of the anomic agent missions when your at level 4.

Defo use a drake for level 3… and raven for level 4’s… if you dont want to spend on a rattlesnake at least :slight_smile:

You make me wonder if assault frigates are any good at all at running missions…
What is generally their purpose?

Brawling in solo or small gang scenarios.
Acting as heavier tackle for gangs and fleets.

Harpies can used in large scale fleets to clear out fighters from a relatively safe distance to help defang carriers.

I know the Jaguar is used as fast brick tackle due to its ability to fit two Medium Ancillary Sheild Boosters and ADCU.

Retribution are used as solo and gang ganking ships due to their speed and range.

Wolves can be very good against ships that rely heavily on EM damage due to their huge native resistances.

Enyo and Ishkur are solid brawling ships to fight off other frigates and Destroyers.

I’m not really sure what niche the Vengeance fills due to its lackluster damage.

Assault frigs are great for frigate abyssals. You can solo t1 abyss with a good fit.

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