Has been Sold

(Jay GrayFire) #1

Jay GrayFire

Exhumers 5
T2 Crystals
4 research agents
Can build ORCA’s

Starting bid 7.5 Bil

No Kill rights
Positive wallet
In High sec station
I receive isk
I pay transfer fee

(Maizie Fields) #2

Jay, how about a quick close at 13 bil?

(Jay GrayFire) #3


(Maizie Fields) #4

ISK and account info sent. Thank you, sir ;=)

(Jay GrayFire) #5

Isk and user name received Transfer to start

(Jay GrayFire) #6

EVE Character transfer Started

Payment Method
Card ending in
Account Information

EVE Character transfer

(Maizie Fields) #7

Thanks, Jay. Transfer confirmed by CCP. Appreciate the quick transaction, its been a pleasure to do business with you!

(system) #8

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