Hauling and Ethics

What do you do when the cargo you are hauling is clearly worth more than the collateral and reward combined?

Fail the contract and keep/sell the goods or do you have ethics in regards to your hauler profession?

People accept hauling contracts?

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Obviously you keep it. This is a video game, there are no ethical concerns here.


I’ve made a few billion doing solo contracts. It’s a lot of work, and there is the occasional loss but it’s doable.

If you have ethics you will deliver it, if you dont you will fail it and keep it.

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What are these *****s you speak of? What? Why is CCP censoring *****s??

I think ‘*****s’ must be a banned word in Eve.


Well, good question. It depends on specific details of the contract, but very likely I would keep the stuff. I must say though, that I never accepted a hauling contract and I consider this as purely theoretical thing.

The deal is that either you deliver or you don’t, but then you loose the collateral. Two options. Either of them can happen. By creating the contract the issuer accepts risk that they will not see the stuff again. For that reason they set the collateral, to compensate for the stuff. This is just bussiness agreement between you two, which both of you follow. Is it entirely wrong to say that by not delivering it you show that you are professional and that you know what you are doing? Would you consider delivering the stuff as weakness? Woud you entrust bussiness deal to somebody who refuse to seise advantage ?

Well, it all depends on the specific contract and your plans. Possibly on mutual relationship with the issuer. However, no option which you will take will be purely black or white. The choice is yours.

Just don’t expect any gratitude if you deliver the stuff.

EVE simulates very well how people would behave in an universe where they are not tied by set of rules and social convencions which applies in our world. It is not because it’s only a game.


If you are asking this, then you’ve already decided ethics don’t matter…you’re just trying to see if the game mechanics are as you expect. Yes, you can get away with failing a contract. And, the contract issuer was stupid to setup the contract the way he did. You can tell yourself that your weeding out those who can’t play and making sure they learn a lesson. Up to you, you either have ethics or you don’t.

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How much isk did you steal, OP? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Contact the issuer and negotiate a new deal.


Easy to decide.

You can do the ethical thing and stay poor, or the natural thing and exploit the stupidity of others to get rich. Doing the ethical thing sometimes equates being a loser. As long as no one gets hurt (it’s a game and people should learn from their mistakes) following some ■■■■■■■■ ethics is just dumb.

Society can not improve when no one is being forced to learn from his mistakes. Take it all, keep it, be happy you helped people avoiding making the same mistake twice.

OR do what you believe is the right thing and you’ll keep making sure they’ll keep making the mistake until someone else takes it all. Then not only the contract issuer made a dumb mistake, but you as well.

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Do the honest thing and take the package then gift it to some rookie. :stuck_out_tongue:


If this is mine, cause i did this two days ago, go ahead and take it. The collateral is some quick and risk free cash for me, if you don’t mind selling the stuff yourself, paying taxes and moving it etc; good for you!

(Edit2- contract completed at 13:29. Guess I’ll do it myself)

Edit- if you are from red frog freight, you should know that the stats for failures and completions are recorded and made public.

That may be important to you, it may not.


Not true at all. There’s a huge difference between EVE and the real world which affects all our behaviour - the fact that in the real world, actions have consequences which go far beyond “rules and social conventions”. Injuries hurt, death scares most people, stuff like that.

EVE isn’t analagous to the real world in any way - its a video game in which we roleplay immortal demigods, immune to all consequences of their actions, in a grand competition to see who can be the biggest asshole. It is a complete fantasy.


@Syeed_Ameer_Ali you dont understand what I wrote at all.

So, how does it go to you?

No. It is sandbox. People play as they wish. It is much more varied than you suggest.



The sandbox is dead Jim…

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This is an example of some of the contracts I come across:

And yes, the contents were worth roughly 410 million.

Dont think it was you.

The time didn’t seem to quite match up.

So what was your decision in the end?