[HCEI] Needs Miners & Industrialists of all Types!

Miners, Makers, & Marketeers!
HenCorp Enterprise Inc is a small, tight knit group, thats has more orders than we can fill!!

We are looking for more Indy heads to help us keep up with demand! Be apart of something bigger than Mine, Mail, Repeat! Here you will have a voice, an impact, and a home!

Help us fill orders needs with fleet mining!
Or dive through pages of market research to find that new market!
Maybe grabbing a snack before the hauling fleet moves that order across the region for in system delivery!
And make your cut of the profits along the way!

  • PvE/PvP pilots Welcome!
  • Newbro and Alpha Friendly
  • Fleet Mining w/ Max Skill Orca boost
  • Ship Loan Program
  • NA based and active

Feel free to leave a reply or message me in game!

Want to kill rats? We need mission pilot as well!
Farm LP and make so isk, sell us your LP BPs!

Slowly growing! Found 3 great members to add! Still looking for a few more!

Fleet mining and wh mining weekly

How can people sell LP, never heard of this.

it was late when i typed that. What i mean is, sell us bps you buy with lps! sorry about that!!

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