[ROIDZ] - Looking for a serious mining & industrial corp?

Enjoy mining? No worries, we want more miners!

On Offer:

  • High Sec Base of Operations
  • Ice nearby
  • We buy all your Ore & Ice
  • We buy your T1/T2 manufactured items.
  • Hundreds of BPO & BPC for your use!
  • Alpha & New Players Welcome!

Come join a friendly family willing to teach you! We are part of a large Hegemony, industrialists with teeth! 200+ members!

If you are interested, get in touch asap! Public Channel: N.E.S.T Public

We are still open for recruitment :slight_smile:

When are y’all most active? I’ll look y’all up in game just at work right now

Our alliance is US & AU. Personally as CEO I am Australian timezone but work all types of hours. Looks us up in game ‘N.E.S.T Public’ channel or http://nestcorp.org.

Still recruiting and growing!

Still open :slight_smile:

Bump! Still looking for indie pilots. New or experienced.

Bump - we are still looking for more industrialist focused pilots. New players more than welcome.

Still looking for industrialists!

Still open guys! We will have access to wormholes very shortly. Industrial pilots can expect to be able to provide logistics support through courier missions, access to wormhole mining and gas harvesting and many other ISK making opportunities.

N.E.S.T Public channel for more.

We are still in recruitment phase. Come join our awesome corp before recruitment closes and slows down.

Still recruiting, growing well, really good crew. Don’t miss out.

How many industrial pilots do you currently have? How many are new/experienced? What is the main goal for your organization? What is your location?

My team currently has 1 maxed orca/rorqual pilot and 3 maxed exhumer pilots who can also fly rorquals. We are looking to help smaller corps start their industry. We’ve built everything from T1/T2 ships to caps and have the ability to create many build and research jobs between us. We would prefer to stay in highsec as we’ve had our time doing indy in null and don’t care for it anymore.

Hi Drein,

Our industrial division is currently at 13 players with 25 toons. I would say 60-70% of that are experienced just roughly without looking deeper into the membership.

ROID Industries is an industrial division of an alliance aiming towards wormholes. That means ROID Industrials will become the K-Space logistical support to the wormhole division. Living out of HighSec and having the option to come and go from Wormhole space for SRP mining operations and T3 manufacturing.

ROID Industries is also set to become an industrial backbone to another larger corporation in the area of some 200 pilots who are aggressively progressing and taking control of strategic assets.

Our area of space is High Sec, however it is far from trade hubs, surrounded by null and lowsec. You cannot get to this region without travelling lows and null unless you find a wormhole connection.

At least half our players have boosted orcas available. The lack of skill in our force comes down to the manufacturing side.

We have hundreds of BPO’s and BPC’s available to all members to copy from, manufacture from etc.

If you’d like to discuss further, please join us in N.E.S.T Public or our discord via auth https://auth.nestcorp.org.

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still going guys!

Do it, join now, you won’t regret!

Come join us, 250+ pilots to fly with, mine with and enjoy your time with!

We are still open to recruiting!

Still growing strong, and still recruiting.

Very active.