[AUTZ] - ROID Industries

ROID Industries are reforming and are seeking skilled pilots to join its ranks. Specifically, industrials with “teeth”.

We are mainly industrial focused and operate out of Low Sec. Meaning we need pilots who not only enjoy Industrial focused tasks, but are open to PvP and protecting our space. This includes protecting any citadels, refineries, engineering structures, knowing how to make use of Jump Clones when the time comes and participating in Corporation PvP Roams and Camps on a frequent basis to get our skills up as a team.

Corporation has an ORE & ICE Buyback Program, PI Buyback.
Ship Replacement Program for any Doctrine Vessels flown in official operations or in defence of our space (no, we are not SOV holders, but we take our space seriously and protect it vigorously with our NBSI policy).

We have various seniority positions available for those of you who have skills outside of the game which we can make use of. In return, you will earn PLEX in-game for your in-game services (managers of different areas, finance planning for the corporation, fleet commanders etc).

Omega Clones only sorry.

Please join https://discord.gg/ha4pmrZ for more information and to start an application process.



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