[HECON] Heiian Conglomerate: Caldari Faction Warfare – Black Rise

Who we are:

Heiian Conglomerate (HECON) is an EU/early US TZ Caldari Faction Warfare alliance based in Asakai within Black Rise, on the frontlines of the war with the Federal Defence Union. We are proud constituent members of the Caldari Militia Coalition (CMC), having jointly founded the coalition under back in 2014, and we are committed to supporting our partners and allies within the warzone and beyond. We’ve been in this war since 2014, fighting the good fight for the State for four years and counting and we are not going to bow out of the conflict any time soon!

Our members are mainly spread out into two corporations: Crimson Serpent Syndicate (CSSYN) and Welp Dreads (WELPD). Crimson Serpent Syndicate has been around for a considerable amount of time, having developed a small but strong community of pilots. Traditionally a small organisation, CSSYN is looking to expand our community and build ourselves once more into an entity that can punch well above its weight in the warzone. Welp Dreads is a relatively new addition to the Heiian family, recruiting everyone from fresh recruits to experienced veterans.

Whilst PvP is our primary concern first and foremost, we are also looking to expand and diversify our industrial and market interests within low-security space. Those with experience in industry and wanting to get a taste of starship combat in FW are encouraged to apply within. Additionally, if one has alts involved with industry, PI or market trading it is highly recommended to contact Heiian officers so that standings can be set. We are not just seeking to prove our combat worth, but also to make our region of space prosperous and attractive for the Caldari Militia.

What we offer:

  • Experienced Fleet Commanders with regular fleets and roams
  • Teamspeak server and slack for the entire alliance/CMC for ease of communication
  • Citadel network throughout Black Rise
  • Established market economy in Asakai
  • Industrial and Planetary Interaction infrastructure around Asakai with low tax
  • Internal logistics available
  • Moon mining opportunities to earn extra income
  • Access to the wider CMC community’s fleets and infrastructure

What we’re looking for:

  • Dedicated and casual pilots looking to serve the State and have fun whilst doing so
  • 5m SP recommended, but can be waived on a case by case basis
  • Alpha’s welcome to apply to Welp Dreads
  • Full API required for all prospectives included within the recruitment application
  • Individuals looking to become part of the greater Heiian and CMC community
  • A willingness to live in low-security space and to engage with the alliance in combat and fleets
  • Corporations of a good size that are looking to get involved in Faction Warfare



Chichou Odori
Kibitt Kallinikov


Alexander Anaxagoras
Jakkar Ri

Heiian Conglomerate Killboard

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Fantastic alliance, can’t recommend enough!

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