Hel ,36.8M skills minmatar carrier 5

Located in HS. Jita 4.
NPC Corp.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Skill Points:37M
Free skill points:964938

Exelent distribution of skills for HEL.can drive Hel and Aeon
Heavy Fighters Level: 5
Minmatar CarrierLevel: 5
Jump Drive CalibrationLevel: 5
Really good for making money

Slow sell. Please don’t offer less than 31bil. it’s just pointless i can sell it one week or one year. I really dont care about time. Don’t waste your time and mine, thanks for your understanding.

Buyout: 35bil.

I will pay all CCP fees.

32b… pity about the name

if nobody pay more for this pilot until this time tomorrow,i will contact you

@Tel_cie Deal with 32B,sent me the isk and account name in the game .leave a messege at this page

Account name mailed, isk sent

@Tel_cie isk recieved,tansfer has been begun,nice deal

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