WTS Morale Hel, 19M Minmatar Capital Pilot (Minmatar Carrier 5)

Yup, I’m Morale Hel. I was born in the age of Nyx’s and Aeon’s to ensure that they were always happy and were able to have a good laugh. Now Hel’s are a lot cooler though!

Eve Skillboard - Morale Hel

206,000 unallocated skill points.

  • Capital Ships 5
  • Minmatar Carrier 5
  • Drones 5
  • Drone Interfacing 5
  • Jump Drive Operation 5
  • Cybernetics 5
  • 1 + 2 remaps available

Comes with a head full of +5’s, in Jita, no jump clones, positive security status and wallet, and no kill rights.

Starting bid @ 17.5 B via in-game mail from this thread. <- Retracted

Buyout @ 22 B

Daily bump!

17b b/o, offer valid for 2 hours…

retracted ////

15b offer

17.5b isk b/o

18b isk ready :slight_smile:

@Bruminon, I’ll take 18b to get this moving. Accepted. Send ISK to the character and Eve Mail with the account you’d like it on.

ISK and evemail sent.

@Bruminon thank you. ISK received and transfer started to account in Eve Mail.

Confirming transfer is complete. Thanks o7

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