Hel Pilot for sale 34mil SP - 1 hour left on auction

Focused Gank Hel pilot

All key skills
Capital ships 5
Heavy fighters 5
T2 Skirmish links
Minmatar carrier 5
Agility skills at 5

5.0 sec status
3 Remaps available

Firewall Breach and Hunters Quiver Skins Injected 2.7bil

1 hour from being able to Inject rag skillbook.
Some support skills need topping up


Starting bid 25
B/O 35


Should work now - password removed

how much so you WTS?

Updated the advert



Edgelord name.


Friendly bump :slight_smile:

Auction will run for a further 24 hours, grab a bargain!

Final Bump

30B isk offer


32B ready

2 hours left on this auction, great price ,great char.

SOLD - Please send isk and account information

Isk and acc have been send

will start the transfer asap

Will be home in 20 mins to start transfer

Transfer started