[-Helghast Empire-] -Low Sec PvP -

Helghast is a PVP focused group looking to make a name for itself . We are brutal pirates constantly looking for content and shinys to ransom. Whether we are gate camping, waiting for our next victims or cloaky stalking our prey. However we have lighter side to us, do some miner industrial stuff and casual Pve fun.

What to expect from us
-US tz regular pvp ops
-Active leadership
-Small gang roams
-Cloaky hunting
-PvP training
-Gate camps

isk making-
-Moon mining/ice mininge
-DED sites
-l4 missions
-Gas Huffing
-Station bashing

Soon to be
-Large fleets
-Mass building

What we require
-10 Mil SP
-Working mic
-Willingness to train for fleet docs
-Able to sustain your own income

Join today!

Join the Helghast

Helghast, were those not basically evil af assassin thingies from the Darklands in Joe Dever`s Legends of Lone Wolf novels/gamebooks?

ps2 game Killzone

Seeking miners and PVP pilots Join today

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