Hell Too - An AUTZ industrial Corporation

Hell Too is recruiting!

Starting as a small group of IRL friends, we pooled together our ISK and manufacturing skills/experience and built… frigates…
Now we’re amassed a huge collection of fully researched blueprints for all ship, equipment and structure sizes and are now looking to expand.
Originally our focus was on industrial stuff (the usual: PI, blueprints, manufacturing, etc) but we’re looking to use some of those skills and blueprints to start to carve out some space of our own.

If you’d like a laid back AUTZ Corp that has a buy back program, ship replacement program, our own achievement system (a series of steps and rewards to level up through the ranks of the Corporation), mining boosts, reprocessing, the LOT, let us know!

We’re recruiting and are offering rewards to those that help us recruit as well. Like some horrible EVE pyramid scheme, that will probably empty the Corp wallet :frowning:

If you’re interested in joining, send me an EVEMail and I’ll give you our Discord link so that we get to show you why you could enjoy your time with us.

Xhao Helto (CEO)

Come fly with us!

Though, not this guy, he’d flee pretty quick.

Newbro friendly too! In fact we just recruited a couple of new Alpha’s and I just finished going through the tutorial as well!


We have Orca boosts!
I know that every other Corporation ever does too, but do they do it whilst looking this good?

Still Alpha-ing hard :slight_smile: Going through the Sisters of Eve series of missions, still good fun after all this time.

It’s been a busy weekend for the Corp and I’m feeling a little less creative today. So:


One of our specialisations in Hell Too is Planetary Interactions. We’ve been extracting and refining planetary commodities since our inception and can help you with command center packs, skillbooks/plans, specialised ships and lots of advice.

Come find out how you can get in on the action!

We offer help in building your own library of blueprints and can give you access to our library for copying (even easier when the new structure changes on in to play in March!)

Have a chat with me and find out how we can help you improve your manufacturing variety and profits.

Another successful move operation last night, learning for all and a fun mini-Alliance fleet!

Come learn and grow with us!

Just finished ship spinning and about to go for a Null roam. Solo. Nothing bad will happen…

But, if you want to know more, come join up and fly with us!

Some members were out this weekend braving the unknowns of Wormhole space in search of delicious and exotic ores.

Come and get lost with us!


The mining expedition continues:

Come fly with us to see just how interesting an industrial Corporation can be.

Another hard day’s mining…

Come join in and out class my awesomesauce mining skills.

Well it’s been a while since I last posted here (definitely not to bump the recruitment post… Nope.) but it’s been a bit busy in Corp (that’s a good thing!).

But, I’m back at it again, doors (that were never actually closer) are ready and waiting for new members to come through!

Trying to peacefully mine in Null… Oh well, time to break out the Comet
Nothing about Null is peaceful!


Well, This CEO is sliiiiightly inebriated and probably shouldn’t say JOIN US, but… well, have you ever known an Aussie (I’m not actually an Aussie) to refrain from a drink!? NO! Exactly! Neither have I.

Ok, so, later!

Finally, things are quieting down and I get to do a little ratting again!

I do love a bit of quiet exploration sometimes! Not exactly a group activity but we share the spoils regardless.

Come check us out!

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