Hello to all!

Hello fellow Forummates and Forumers!

I have recently been accepted on to the wonder ISD CCL team. Some of you may have already seen me active around the forums so I wanted to get this thread out here before the curiousity becomes too much.

I am ISD Golem…yes, yes, I know… like that other thing named Golem… the pokemon. Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

A little background about me, I cut my teeth on some old MMOs in the early 2000s, Tibia and Runescape are the two big one, and even some old Bulletin Board systems that were still hanging out in the late 90s/early 00s. Tried out a ton of games during those early years. Eventually, though, I found myself at EVE’s door in 2009 and its been a ride ever since.

I have dipped my toe in so many of EVE’s career paths; wormholes, faction warfare, making my own corp and throwing some structures in null for a month before getting evicted; to even pressing F1 in some of the biggest wars in the game. There’s just something that always pulls me in and its great.

Lately that pull for me has been all the Youtube and Twitch content that I see now. It always makes me log in, and go attempt what they did. Keeps it full of variety, ya know?

Back to the topic at hand though. I am ISD Golem, its nice to meet you all and I hope to get you know y’all even better and you get to know me.



Welcome to the asylum.

–Gadget wishes you luck

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CCL… does that stand for “Closed, Canceled, and Locked”?


welcome dude o7



Where did you find this photo of me???


Welcome! :smiley:

That being said. Have you read the forums before? Do you know what your up against? Have you lost your mind? :rofl: JK!

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode missed breakfast to mod us jerks. I just don’t get why you all volunteer? Seems the ISD is “almost” as nuts as the player base! :wink:

How did that go? Did you make any profit/at least pay for itself in that time? I put a structure in a wh thinking I would be lucky to make it a mo. I took it down myself 2 yrs later. No clue at all on how it survived…


Obligatory: Welcome to the pool!



It was good, learned a lot. It was roughly ~3 months. We started with nothing, and towards the end of it all we had 3 athanors pulling chucks. We were a few jumps from a nice ice system so we had a fully set up raitaru to reprocess everything to make fuel and was halfway through process of getting materials for a fortizar. Absolutely would do it again.


Look pal, you’re not completely new around here, and should know how this works.

We’re going to make you (tearfully) lock your own introduction thread. It’s kind of like someone being forced to dig their own grave in one of those old-timey Spaghetti Western movies. The only question is: are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way? Rookie’s choice, but don’t take too long to decide.


I was curious when this thread was gonna come, I kept seeing ISD Golem and i’m like who the F is this?

anyway, F pokemon, here’s the real Golemon

goahead and hurry up and close your thread…:stuck_out_tongue:

@Archer_en_Tilavine , Here’s another ISD to show up, make some noise then quietly disappear like @ISD_Chuggypeg and several others.


Does Digimon even really count? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


watch your tongue :stuck_out_tongue:
especially since they did reboot it, with new digivolutions

i never could get into pokemon, but digimon was my jam back then.

We had one person at my school collect Digimon cards. One.

I kid I kid. It was honestly the best cartoon at the time for big epic fights. Maybe DBZ could compare, but you had to wait 5 episodes for them to finish powering up first.

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Don’t act like you’re not one of us. I saw your wormhole lore stream :smile:


If you didn’t call me out for that, I’d have called you out for not calling me out.



you’re one of the biggest here. Vice Admiral Batman Barstorlode


Welcome to the madhouse


Ahh, a new member of ISD CCL…

Welcome to the forums…

May you have much success in staying cool and remaining impartial while moderating these forums.

Good luck…


I would agreed but then again, I am a Final Fantasy nerd :nerd_face:

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