Help me learn to be a rorq pilot!

long time player returning to the game after training up for a rorq! want to find a home where i can learn to pilot the beast and make some friends in the process!

done all sorts of things over the years, but have a more relaxed job and want to get back into some indy stuff that the rorq can excel at.

FAYN Industries is currently recruiting. We are an industrial based corporation who does a little bit of everything. We offer secure Null security systems with massive earning potential. We offer the following programs and services: Corp buyback program for Ore, extensive null sec moon mining, Boosted mining operations, Great PVE and PVP content, and SRP for fleets. To talk with one of our recruiters, please join FAYN.Recruits in game channel or evemail Mick Lucedy (EU), Brutor Bellum (US) or martyn Sharisa (EU)
Come make your billions with us.

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