Help me with my hoarding problem, BUY ALL BPCS

I have been playing ever for WAY too long… and in that time i have done a lot. It seems over the years i have collected an absolutely metric crap ton of BPC’s… I need your help to fix my hoarding problem.

Below is a link to a google spreadsheet. In that sheet is the partial list of what I have. I am currently updating this list every day. Take a look at what there is. I am taking ALL reasonable offer.

IF you find something you would like then please just mail me in game. it will all be first come first serve as well. If i like the offer then i will respond to the mail and contract the items over. please be specific with number of runs and which item you want.

Again keep in mind, I am and will be updating this for the next few days. (seriously i think i have almost 30k BPC’s of various random things…) Enjoy!

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