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Hi Folks I have only been playing for a couple of days and still doing the seeker training missions, however i have brought an after burner for my upgraded ship as it didn’t have one. I thought what i brought would be delivered to my inventory but apparently i need to travel 18 jumps to get it. I think i know how to set the sellers location (not sure) but I’m not sure how to travel to it, ive clicked set destination but when i warp it takes me to my seeker mission destination. I hope this makes sense?

On your neocom, go to “assets”. You should see the location of your afterburner there, wherever it is. Right click the station in that window and “set destination.”

Or it might actually be easier to buy another one a little closer to where you are. Open the market and find the afterburner you want. On the right there should be a spreadsheet with all the afterburners on the market within whatever range you have filtered to. One of the columns shows the number of jumps to that location. Select the cheapest one that’s in station, or as far as you are willing to go for it.

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Get in a starter ship like an ibis or in a capsule(leave ship). Undock. Press autopilot (your destination was set). Enjoy the scenic tour. Don’t do this with expensive stuff in cargo on your way back Here, a 50÷ discount on warping somewhere for black friday and cyber monday. So sad cybering isn’t online sexchat anymore…

Edit: You get a free ibis or other starter ship when arriving in a pod in an npc station.

You warped to your ‘mission’ site by clicking on that warp to text on the left side of your screen, thats why you ended up in your mission. What you need to do is check your overview (the list on the right hand side) and click the yellow marked jumpgates and jump through them. All the yellow marked jumpgates are the route you set by clicking that set destination option. Follow the yellow marked jumpgates till you reach the station. Then you want to return the 18 jumps so set destination on your mission again and repeat.

Thank you all for your help, Ive now managed to learn far more now since posting this, really was a noob question. I didn’t realise you could travel in your pod, I guess traveling via autopilot will take a very long time to cover several jumps.
Thanks again for the help

Thank you Mike

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