No destination given... Where to go?

I’m doing the mission: Weapon of Choice 7 of 10.
It’s one of the first ten Career Agent Missions.
I need to kill this pirate with my first drone.
I have accepted the mission. I have a proper ship. I have the drone on board.
But I get no destination. No “warp to …” And no pirates are visible. I have all selected i the overview.
I tried launching the drone to see if that would trigger something, but nothing…

I have no idea where to go. So what do I do now…?

R click in space and see if it gives you an option under mission part of the r click menu.

Sometimes you have to do that instead of a warp to if its a deadspace pocket

Open the mission details, there you find a bookmark of the location.
That’s how we had to do it 5 years ago …

Ooph… long ago… but if I remember right, these missions will eventually send you to a different system than the one you are in (like most ‘normal’ missions), so check if you get a “set destination” option somewhere, and then just follow the gates.

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