Add "set destination" button to agent info window

When clicking on an agent that’s not in that station you get all kinds of info but not a set destination option, not obviously so anyway. This is the same if you did a distribution mission and completed it.

Then you get something like this:

Followed by this:

The solution is of course to right click the agent to then set destination but that seems a bit unnecessary especially if you have to do it all the time. Apart from that for a new player who just started (like me a few weeks ago) it’s completely bewildering: we have no concept of where we are, where we went to, where we should go back to or how to get there. All we’ve been doing so far is click the mission button on the left (warp to mission, dock station, set destination) and now that we completed that first distribution mission there is… nothing. Agent won’t talk to us, we’re obviously not at our mission station and we have no idea. It just adds to the whole feeling of being completely clueless and lost, there’s already enough of that happening :slight_smile:

And yes I realise that you have to “learn at some point” and “EVE is harsh” etc etc but I feel that some things are just unnecessarily difficult not because it was planned that way but more because it wasn’t planned differently. The solution to this seems so obvious, add a “set destination” button to the agent info window. It’s easier for older players who use this stuff (all the time) and it’s MUCH easier for newbies helping them get back to their career station and agents. I also realise a newbie probably shouldn’t “demand” changes to complex games they don’t understand but this just seems to make sense to me.

Something like this, the framework for a two button window already exists and was used to complete the mission, so you click complete and then can instantly click “set destination” as it’s in the same location.

I use the starmap and save important locations like my home system, systems with interesting agents, systems where I can rat…
I also use the Assets window. When I know I need to go back to a station later I just drop one hybrid ammo there and then I can be anywhere in the cluster and plot a course to that station via Asset window.
There’s also the Journal to plot course with, and the agent finder.
But I think it’s a good idea anyway.

That’s not unnecessary at all because right-clicking on links is an extremely important activity that you will do more than anything else in the game. This sets the perfect expectations for the rest of the game. Furthermore, adding such a button might sounds logical, but it teaches new players wrong things that won’t be used anywhere else in the game. The tutorial teaches you how to set destination via linked stations/systems, hence the concept should not be new or bewildering to actual new players. There is also a “Set Destination” button in the HUD element for the mission.

Oh yes, now I know but if you’re completely new then you don’t and it’s just disorientating for no good reason. And even now THAT I know the lack of such an option is still “a bit annoying”.

Just because it’s used a lot and CAN be used doesn’t mean it should be the only option where easier (and more logical) options shouldn’t exist.

RIGHT up to the point you do the mission where you have to transport something to a different station in a different system, if you then hand in the mission you end up in the situation I mentioned. I explained this, please READ before answering.

Case in point, I’m about to do the Sister of EVE line and this is the agent info:

Guess which obvious button is missing. YES I know: “just right click” but why just not add an obvious and easy button for it, it’s used for other things so why not here.

I agree. The game definitely doesn’t lead you by the hand.

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