What location did I start in?

I’m very new to the game.

After doing the basic tutorial, I redeemed the gifts that were given to me (not as a reward from tutorial completion I think). I got few modules and I think 2 ships or something. I then went to do the career agents, haven’t finished them but I was just wondering how the f*** do I get back to the starter location so i can get my stuff. Why is stuff bound to one location only? and why new players are not taught that?

The map is so f***ing confusing.

Wait, so if you leave your phone at home, it magically for you appears at work?

Just like real life, if you want something in location B, you have to move it there

In the Neocom menu, go to Assets and it will list all station you have stuff in

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As for the map, yeah it isn’t really the best one, but with practice you learn to read it

Better and more clear one: http://evemaps.dotlan.net

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Use the in game navigation system to navigate (but not the auto-pilot!). It’s much easier than trying to read the 3D map and will calculate the shortest route somewhere for you.

Right click on a destination system or station and ‘set destination’. Then just follow the highlighted gates in your overview.

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Look to the left of your screen, you should see a long toolbar full of icons. Click on the “assets” icon:
And you will be presented with a list detailing where all your assets are. Find whatever it is that you need, right click on the location, select “set destination”, and the autopilot will plot a route for you.

Look to the left of the screen again, you will see a bunch of colourful boxes, that is your route. (here’s a sample route):

Right click on the first little box, and select “jump through stargate”. Do that until you reach your final destination and don’t bother with the map for now (it’s horrible yes).


A very good summary, the asset window is one of my most important navigation tools to set destinations.

Just one remark: There shouldn’t be any orange or red squares in your route, these are lowsec and nullsec systems. If there still are any, you can click on the “A”-Symbol next to the word “Route”, there you have to select “safest route”, as long as you want to avoid PvP.
But to be honest: The stuff you started wih will soon be no help for you, the ships you received from the Career Agents are way better.

And concerning your original question: Your starting system is in this list: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Career_Agents#Tutorial_Systems_in_EVE

Thanks everyone for the answer. it is these little things that can drive me wild in complex games. I admit my anger was stupid, but giving me free stuff without telling me what it is, is a poor game tutorial, and makes the game look one of those scammy games where you get useless stuff all the time. Is it even worth it to go back, or am I going to confuse myself even more trying to understand what I actually got?

It’s just two jumps, should be no problem to return. It’s a quick training flight.
Just remember: Everything named “civillian” is useless.

Or you self destruct your clone, then you automatically return to your medical clone station which is the station you started as long as you didn’t set it otherwise. Also a nice lesson, it’s called “pod express” and very helpful when you’re lost. Enjoy killing your clone, it doesn’t hurt.

One exception: when you start using implants, which are clone-based persistent buffs, you will lose those buffs if your clone is destroyed.

The “new” map is a mess, it looks cool and blingy but it’s terrible to use. I would suggest to use the old map (CCP seems to agree as they still offer that option after all those years). Hit escape, go to settings and disable “try new map”.

The old map looks boring but it’s far easier to make sense of and get information from, especially as you can put it in 2D flattened mode where it also rotates right side up so you get some sense of direction.

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