Very Stupid Question

I’m completely new to these kinds of games. Having played text muds for years, graphics is extremely different. The new player experience seemed quite exciting (my heart was in my throat during that introductory battle), up until I’ve selected a training path. Now, I’m stuck at some school, and can’t find my AI helper thingy. I don’t know what to do. Tried to undock to see if that would trigger any instructions, but I keep getting warnings that if I do that, it’ll kick me out of the newbie program.

I know how silly this much sound to you more experienced players, and I hate asking questions like this, but I’ve no idea what to do. I also tried to sign up for the question channel, but clicking it does nothing.

Also, I’m temporarily running the game on an old laptop that’s laggy. On a whim, I ordered a decent ‘gaming laptop’ a couple days ago, which is why I’m trying a few graphic games out at this point. I mean, why waste it?

Edit 2: Holy Batman! Did a guy really lose a ship here that cost him $9k?! That sounds… I couldn’t imagine.


Two resources for you:

Much can be found on YT as well.

As well as the links above you should be in a chat channel for rookie pilots, check the tabs next to “local” chat. You can get lots of help there in real time including links that will highlight parts of your UI.

For you issue with the tutorial, if you’re still part way through and it’s just minimised, there will usually be an icon on the left hand menu bar, probably at the bottom of the top set of icons. I think it looks like a on outline of a head and shoulders but I’d have to check to be sure.

Hope you enjoy the game :blush:


If the next instructions are minimised, you can also try the Ctrl-Tab keybind, which cycles through your (minimised) windows I think.

Looking for the step you’re stuck on in a youtube video might also be a nice idea, so you can see what you’re supposed to do next.


Generally, the flow CCP has for new players is this:

  • New Player Experience (NPE) which is where you have the more cinematic introductory battle where you briefly fly the white Astero spaceship.
  • Career Agents: After the NPE is concluded, you wind up in a “Rookie Starting System” docked at a station that has Career Agents who guide you through various activities in Eve Online. During this Career Agent portion, it’s recommended doing all the Career agents to get an introduction into various activities in the game. The mission rewards also help bootstrap newbies with starting ship hulls and ISK.
  • AIR Career Program: this runs in parallel to everything you do in the game. It provides extra objectives to do around 4 „themes“ of Eve Online. It starts after the NPE and goes on indefinitely. It can be a source of inspiration to try new things.

Theres things you can do beyond what CCP offers to get more experienced in the game.

One such example I highly recommend is to join a public fleet. There are public „Not Purple Shoot It“ (NPSI) fleets which means „anyone not in our fleet, we will shoot them, because people in our fleet display as purple“. You’ll have to do digging and socialize yourself to figure out which fleet, which time, and where to meet up. The reason I highly recommend doing this is CCP admits it’s one of the best retention mechanisms for new players, so do try to get out there in a group shooting other players.

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If you fancy dipping your toe into NPSI - “not purple, shoot it” may well be for you! - that is, fleeting up with people with the sole intent to engage any target they can find which isn’t part of the fleet.

A lot of replies here miss the point completely.


That AI thingy as Aura, and you have just completed the tutorial. I am guessing you have now been instructed to leave your home and travel to a new star system through one or more stargates. Aura is now gone, for the most part, and will not return again save for some later-game PvE things. What you need to do now is go to the “Agents” tab on the same bar as your ship hangar in the station, and click on one of the five agents there, depending on whether you want to do Military, Mining, Exploration, R&D, or Advanced Military first. Then, do the other ones, as they are all meant to give you an introductory education into the game.

After that, you can do whatever you want: Level 1 missions, exploration, FW Solo PVP, nullsec group activities, mining, the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc, etc. etc.

No such thing as a stupid question. You’re new. That would be like saying that a 6-year-old asking to be explained how multiplication works is asking stupid questions, because you know how to multiply and it’s easy. Try asking stuff in the channel called “Rookie Help”, because there are always thousands of people in it that can feed you great advice.

Yes. They did.
Also, a youtuber bought a spaceship for about $30,000, and he is probably never going to fly it.

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Thanks for the tips. I haven’t really played since that first day, but I’ll give it a shot.

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