Hephaestus' Smithery - High Sec mining/indy/PVE - we are making the game fun, not a job

Located near Dodixie, we are a newbro friendly, bittervet welcoming corp that aims to make the game fun again. We want to build a lasting community that will explore much the game has to offer. Having been driven from provi, we are experience veterans with lots of stories to tell. Simple to use corp ore buyback, shipping and mining with max boosts. Access to BP library. Access to null sec mining in quiet pocket (getting set up).

Voice Chat on our very active discord server

We do not hold structures thus no wardecs.

Our short term goals are:

To grow the Corporation into a force to be reckoned with
To build relationships within our alliance and with others

Why join ?

Located near Dodixie, Minor trade hub but good market and good mining. Good agents close by, including level V. Easy access to NPC null and low sec

We span timezones, and have no mandatory fleets (NO CTAs!)

Apply in game or contact Crowthrm En Welle for more information.

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