Here Be Dragons! {Lowsec/Hisec PvP, Gal Mil FW, Hisec Wardecs, NPSI}

Omega Dragon Fleet


Omega Dragon Fleet is a corporation hell bent on destruction and mayhem. As a small strike fleet, the 7-0-1 plan on causing as much pain and horror in low/hi sec as possible. Starting from the ground floor Omega Dragon Fleet is looking members that can block the fear and embrace the fight!

The Fleet is NPSI with the exception of any member of a militia that we join, due to standing system. (We want to stay good with Gallente and Minmatar so don’t kill your standings)

Public Chatroom: Omega Dragon’s Chat

  • FW Status: Active for Gal Mil

  • Voice Comms: Discord

  • Wardecs: Non currently active, searching for targets

  • Killboard:

  • No skillpoint requirements

  • Alpha clone friendly

  • Spies and Alts welcome

  • Independent Lifestyle


  • Bitter Vet Fits

  • Bitter Vet FCs

  • Newbro FC training

  • No Worries on how bad you are

  • US Timezone Primarily

  • Motto: “Fun is Fun”

Welcome to the jungle fam


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Still looking for little pupps and big daddy dragons that know how to burn down a village or two…

Omega Dragon Fleet is still looking for those that know or want to learn how to burn a village down…

Dropping FW for a bit to do Dragon things…

Still looking for more Dragons

Still on the hunt for new members

Back in FW!

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Still trying to burn down the world!

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