Sov holding small NS alliance looking for corps

Dragons of Yggdrasil[-YGG-] is currently looking for PVP Focused corps and members.

Come fly with us. Perish in a rain of antimatter and rise from the ashes like a retarded phoenix to gain your GLORY! Fight on the southern warfront against the botting menace - push in and help us carve out space. Paint your name(and maybe something obscene) on the sides of our enemies fortress as you ram headfirst into it like some sort of human bludgeoning device!

We want YOU on the warfront!

We offer:

  • A strong culture built up over half a decade of core members
  • Fun on the warfront - shooting brain lasers and generating content with our allies. Sporadic small gang/fleet fun!
  • A fun atmosphere and competent player base. Plenty of friends to be made, and LGBTQ+ friendly.

Contact Ultra Megaaweseome Character or Exterminatus Illexis in game
Or join our discord @

are you fighting against fraternity or against test? lol

Right now against Frat renters. TEST isn’t very active around here or WC with their push being focused in Detorid.

Half of Vale is still open for someone to take it. Would probably be a better place for you guys to grow.

I’ve lived in Scalding before - I like how its layout promotes more small gang stuff. It’s basically hard mode and I like that.

But if this doesn’t work out, I’ll keep that advice in the back of my mind!


Bumpimus Maximus


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