[-YGG-] Dragons of Yggdrasil - Sov holding null looking for corps

o/ fellow wage slaves.

You know the drill by this point, I’m sure. However if you’re looking for an active, connected and capable group to move your corp into in order to grow, you don’t need to look much farther. YGG has held sov in Scalding Pass for a full year to this date as a small alliance.

We are well set up with SRP, buyback programs and alliance IT services that you are more than free to use to further your own corporation.

If you’re looking for a fun batch of experienced players that can give you fitting advice, make your wallets fat and are willing to pick up a gun and help shoot whoever’s on the other end of it for us, we have a home for you here.


  • Blops fleets
  • Regular PVP
  • Infrastructure & capital ratting
  • Roams & fun friends
  • Buyback programs & guides on how to make $$$

taking a big fat Buoop


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