Looking for an alliance to take my corp in

Got a (mostly) carebear corp of 8 members (yes, all my alts) that I would like to move to an nullsec or WH alliance that will take us in so I/we can do some more PvP/Mining and exploration out of highsec where I am getting bored…Cap alts and some of my toons are decent PvPers and love to do logi as well, but don’t want to disband my own corp so only all or nothing!..

Blue Heron Collective at your service!


Hey there!

I think you might be a good match for our little group of freaks and geeks, I’m from a corp called Vrtra Armamentarium [VRTRA] that is part of the Dragons Of Yggdrasil! -YGG-, we are a small to medium sized nullsec alliance living out in our very own null sec (0.0) space.

Feel free to take a look at our advert linked above, We have a larger number of experienced players that would be more than willing to help your corp experience a wide selection of what eve has to offer, and grow as a Group.

Please feel free to get in touch with me or Exterminatus Illexis for a chat / invite to our public channels

Great! I’ll join the discord and let’s chat what it takes to move me into your alliance!

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