Here we grow again!

According to the last CCP market report, we are now officially the largest supplier of Fuel Blocks in EVE.

***Come mine ICE with us!"… Bee in Fleet, Bee in Comms, Bee part of the problem!


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We said we like doing PI, we didn’t say we like others to do it…


put me in coach, im back to eve

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Who is ready for EQUINOX? Recruitment is OPEN.

So why would you want to join CEEK? Whats in it for you? What makes us different than any other corp in the game? To be honest that depends on what your looking for. So look at this.

You would likely fit into CEEK actually watched the first Star Wars movie in a theater when you were a kid.

You would likely fit into CEEK if your first telephone had a cord on it.

You would likely fit into CEEK if you know what a Rubik Cube is and still find the damn thing annoying.

You would likely fit into CEEK if knew what life was like before the internet and social media.

You would likely fit into CEEK if you still know how to read and write on paper and you probably can write in cursive if you really wanted to, but don’t like too.

You would also likely fit into CEEK if you understand that your body has a mind of its own after you hit 40 and after you hit 50, yea well, I am going to stop there. You get my point.

I digress.

Yes, we have fun. So please bring your sense of humor. If you get offended easily we don’t do hugs and kisses, we don’t have a therapy dog, and we don’t have therapy cat even though these seems to be a cat fetish in Eve. We have our HR director and he can help you with your “Boohoo” problems if they arise.

Yes, we do occasionally use “Harsh Language” in a fight. This is what happens when your not allowed to use your M41A Pulse Rifle and it is only weapon you have available. If you know what I am referring too then you have successfully answered today’s bonus question. Therefor, you may be offended by something someone says, so please for all of our sakes, have a spine.

We are actual adults, well, at least we are when we have to be.

We are real people who have real lives.

We are all playing the same game for fun.

We want other like-minded people to join us and stay with us.

There are people in CEEK that can teach you all aspects of the game, with some of our long term players that have been here from the beginning of Eve to new players like myself that have only been here a few years.

We want you to enjoy the game your way, but enjoy it with us.

Eve is still very much alive!


The people is what makes Eve what is it.

That is what CEEK is about, and that is who we are.

So, I ask you again. Why would you want to join us?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jason “JAFO” Munro


Do you folks have a discord?

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Link should get you to our Discord and can speak with a recruiter there!

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Recruitment is OPEN.

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No pictures, no memes, no fancy slogans, catchy plays on words.

The truth.
CEEK saved me from quitting this game, like within a day or so. I had become a wanderer of sorts really not knowing much about anything in game.
Sure I could belt rat for a bit of isk here and there, little bit of mining yup, but the essence of Eve, I knew nothing about.

Then one evening while running from some azzheads I got chased into the New Eden Gate Pipe, and I met Goldi, the CEO.
Joined the Discord, met some cool people who taught me a LOT, that I now make part of my every day routine.

I have a background that does not allow me to make friends easily nor humble myself to learn things, but, in CEEK, it happened. These are actually real life friends I happen to share a game with.

If that is what you want, it’s right here in CEEK.

That my friends, is the very Essence of Eve…


CEEK is Recruiting!!

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Does this sound familiar to you?

Then join CEEK where all we do is spaceships and no sex EVER!!!

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Come enjoy the PVP content in Delve! If you like Blops, Small Gang PVP look no further!

Make lots of ISK too!


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Don’t be a part of local. Be a part of CEEK.

All fun, all the time.

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Does this look familiar to you? Tired of blues docking up and waiting for an official ping?

Then join CEEK where there’s still confused screaming but then we shoot at stuff!


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  • Earn ISK & Doctrine ships for PVP! Tied to our Exclusive “Eat what you kill program”…
  • 60+ Actives in PVP & growing each week! We undock & take fights… Come visit us!
  • Last month, we handed out billions in Corp prizes! Each & Every month we have incentives to earn Big Shiny Ships just for being active and committed to our Corp and our beloved Alliance!

We are an inclusive group, no drama…
We are a mature community w/ excellent communication w/ a great sense of humor…

We value your time! …

Operators are standing by…


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