HERO Coalition. is looking for corps!

HERO Coalition is an up and coming Alliance that looks for every opportunity to project power throughout the galaxy. Our goal is to generate content for our members until our little hearts stop beating. We currently reside in Providence with very few blues. We often use capitals ships and are in involved in small to larger scale fleets. I would also like to add we are part of Rekking Crew Coalition.

What we offer:

  • Access to null space [ratting, moon mining, ice, etc]
  • Buyback program
  • PvP Content [hunting, small scale fights, large scale fights]
  • Experienced Leadership
  • JF Service
  • Training [1 on 1, capital training, hunting, anything really just ask]

What we want:

  • 10 bodies or more
  • Some type of zKillboard activity [Doesn’t need to be green]
  • Be part of our community [Hang out in comns, talk, feedback]
  • Pass auth checks

zKillboard: HERO Coalition. | Alliance | zKillboard

If you are interested in joining us please reach out to us on discord Loki ChocoChips#4136 or Spergasm#7777


Bump! Some silly fun we had just messing around.


We are still looking for corps to join us! Come have some fun!


Looking for more PvP players to come join us in dropping nerds.

We are looking for more corps all time zones welcomed!

We are in the search for more bros!

All time zones are welcomed!


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