Tired of the status quo? HERO Coalition Here to save the day! HS/Low sec/NULL pvp/indy/PVE daily activity

HERO Coalition. is a ‘player focused’ Alliance within new Eden, priding itself on both top tier PVP content and a robust industrial backbone. Meeting the two main drivers in the game head on, PVP and Industry are the two heavy focuses of this Alliance which allow us to provide our members with Nullsec building, IMMEDIATE access to Highsec and PVP in EVERY variation within the game.
HERO Coalition. is currently accepting applications from Corporation CEOs who not only want to play EVE Online at a high level, but also want be part of an extensive gaming community, currently spanning many hundreds of people.

Recruitment Goals:
We are looking for EU Timezone (16:00-20:00 GMT) and US Timezone (00:00-05:00 GMT) Corporations focused primarily on PVP, Industry and Mass Logistics.
What we offer:
• Robust Ship Replacement Program for Alliance OPS
• Top tier and experienced FC’s who have operated many years in the game
• Extensive Alliance Logistics
• Capital Ship Training Program
• Mumble/Discord Server Communications
• Extensive Citadel Network spanning multiple regions
• Nullsec Building
• Easy access to Highsec, Nullsec and Lowsec
• Quality PVP on the Regular
• A Fun and engaging Online Community And Family

To speak to a HERO Coalition. Director, plz visit http://iq300.net/

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Brand new Alliance on the way up

Tons of opportunities here!

Great Alliance! really bringing content and opportunities!

A great way to experience low & nullsec for the first time.

Bump! We are still looking for more corps. Doesn’t matter how big or small you are.




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