Hey, New Guy! Join Paranoia Overload

Hello there,

We’re a small wormhole corporation with a big dream. If you are a new player who enjoys a bit of adventure and learning new skills while making ISK you may want to consider reading further.

We’re offering employment for enterprising new capsuleers. Your main task, should you choose to accept our offer, would be to prosper :slight_smile:

To achieve that we offer you:

  • Endless supplies of fitted Ventures for gas mining
  • Gas Mining skillbooks and training
  • Endless supplies of fitted Exploration frigates
  • Exploration skillbooks and training
  • Anti-gank training drills
  • Buyback for your mining/exploration loot
  • Complimentary Guristas beret

Bonus - if you are an omega - you can also benefit from our Planetary Interaction infrastructure for which we also offer

  • Training
  • Own POCOS with 1% tax
  • Epithals galore
  • Buyback
  • Skillbooks

Furthermore, if it’s something you enjoy, we’re more than willing to involve you in our PVP fleet actions. We’re not that stellar but we don’t back down from fights.

So contact Lepus Fatalis or Takamori Saig0 in-game if you’re interested and we’re more than willing to accept your application.

Fly daring, little wonders o7

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