New corp seeks miners and wormholers

(A'rana Weiland) #1

The Work
We are looking for miners to come harvest our precious moon goo. One moon drill is primarily Brilliant Gneiss, and the other is Flawless Arkonor. Also, an ice belt is one jump out.

The Fun
We run Wormhole ops regularly. We try to maximize our profits from day tripping into wormholes with a dedicated wormhole fleet for both combat sites and those precious Fullerine Gases. No gas ship? No problem. We will supply the ship and skills to get you in one.

Vets are always welcome and we enjoy helping new bros. We will eventually have a permanent presence in a Class 3-4 Wormhole in the near future. While training people on wormhole mechanics from day tripping to wormholes, we will always have operations active in hisec

Find us here: Emberz Pub

(A'rana Weiland) #2

still recruiting

(A'rana Weiland) #3

still recruiting

(Willem Keizer) #4

Hey hows it going. Id be willing to join the corp, I havnt played in awhie, dot have that many skills buy networth 690 mil. Currently Alpha but will buy omega if I find a corp that I can relearn the game with.

(A'rana Weiland) #5

shoot me a mail in-game and ill link you to our pub channel

(Willem Keizer) #6

I just joined the EBWF pub

(A'rana Weiland) #7

still recruiting

(Quin Isu) #9

Still recruiting

(A'rana Weiland) #10

Still recruiting

(A'rana Weiland) #11

still recruiting

(A'rana Weiland) #12

Still open for recruitment. Got almost 20 in the last week or so, looking to add 40-50 more.

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