Hey, nice hair! Wanna chill out with Evian?

Do you thirst for Industry? Are you parched for Mining opportunities, and the chance to create liquid ISK?

Join us and build the big stuff. And have a chance at blowing up some big stuff too!

Evian Industries are looking for capsuleers of all experience levels. We are an Industrial Corporation operating currently in Hisec with one eye on returning to Null.

Our members range from longtime players to fresh newbeans. We have a mature and friendly community, active in all timezones and we understand that real life comes first.

The Shopping List:

  • Discord,
  • Ship Replacement Programs on Alliance ops,
  • PVP fleets, shared Mining Ops. (Moon, Ice & Ore)
  • Blueprint library,
  • Mining & Loot buyback program,
  • A friendly, mature community with a relaxed atmosphere.

Think you’re a good fit? Jump onto the Evian Ind Recruitment channel ingame. Or contact Arthur Dentz. Or the Discord channel above.
Or PM me here. Or just apply ingame. Or wave at me in Local. I usually wave back.

And I meant it about your hair.

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the bump dance

bump bump


bump bump babump


and lets bump it again


I’ll take a bump

When you’re blessed with a full head of hair, a bald man will often envy you… discuss amongst yourselves.

In case you haven’t noticed… Arthur doesn’t have hair…

I’m working on this wicked mullet right now…

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