No More Tears, Join Evian Industries

Do you thirst for Industry? Are you parched for Mining opportunities, and the chance to create liquid ISK?

Evian Industries are looking for capsuleers of all experience levels. We are an Industrial Corporation operating mainly in Nullsec, but with a presence in Hisec too. Our goal is to build for the future. Our members range from longtime players to fresh newbeans. We have a mature and friendly community, active in all timezones and we understand that RL comes first.

We can offer comms, Discord, SRP on alliance ops, PVE and small PVP fleets, a BPC & buyback program, and a friendly mature community with a relaxed atmosphere. We don’t require much, if you can fly a mining ship, and have a pulse, you’re good! We want people who want to work alone and together, to forge something bigger. If you want to be part of this, contact us in game using the Evian Ind Recruitment channel.

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Nul miner looking for stable new home
Looking for 0.0 corp
EU TZ 96m Skillpoints Returning player looking for a corp
Returning player!
New player
Looking for pvp corp
Looking for Corp
Returning player. Looking for a friendly community to improve my english
Returning 20mil SP Pilot looking for corporation to get back into the game with
135Mill SP Looking for PVP Corp
Looking for suggestions
Returning Player 66.6M SP Looking for WH or LS Life
Looking for home :)
43M SP Main and His 70M SP Friend Looking To Join Corp
Corps or alliances
Returning player looking for industry/mining Corp
Returnee looking for corp
Returning Player Looking For An Active Home!
Krabby Krab Krab looking for a home
Looking for null industry corpw player
26mil USTZ player looking for pvp
Looking for PvP corp with West Coast US tz activity
Returning player seeking corps
Looking for Mining and/or Industrial Corp
2 Indy toons seek a home
Miner looking for a Corp
Returning player - A poor simple miner looking to mine a few rocks
11mil Sp player lf null corp
95.6 mil SP returner
100mil Returning Player
61m SP Returning player
Returning Alpha looking for a home
Started few days ago
Returning Player Looking for a Friendly Corporation
Looking to join corp to Rat!
Looking for a home
Considering return (gone 4 yrs, 27M SP)
64 m SP pilot looking for a new place to call home
New/Old pilot looking for Corp
130m SP char looking at ... stuff
Casual player interested in Logi
Looking for Corp with PvE, Mining/Production, Trading
50+mill SP toon LF Null Mining/Ratting and pvp laid back plz
Returning player looking to come back
122 Mil SP W/ Alts LF Null Sec active group
Looking for a mining/expl corp to join (half-experienced player)
37M and 45M sp chars looking for home
Looking for a corp
Looking for new corp
87M SP - Looking for PvE corp in NS
LF active corp with good isk making opportunities
Looking for a humanitarian corp - any suggestions?
Looking for nullsec ratting corp
55mil SP - I have no idea what i want to do
60msp CST looking for renter/chill sov corp
36m SP with Indy/PvE alt Looking for a home after 4 year break
Old player getting back into the game
4.7m SP, Looking to Learn Trading
34mil SP Pilot looking for corp
51m+ Pilot returning after a long break
27M SP pilot looking for a new Corp
New(ish) BRO Looking for Corp - 3 toons in all
42 mil SP pilot looking for home
LF Mining Corp
Totally new player looking for a corp
58mil Sp Char LF new home
148m so char looking for Corp to join
Corp found! thanks for all the offers!
-thread closed-
41 mil sp tengu pilot looking null sec corp
Logistics director looking for null home
Looking for small scale PvP within the Null Blocs

Recruitment is still open :slight_smile:

Recruitment is still open

I thirst for industry

We’re still look for Capsuleers, Engineers, Industrialeers, and Mineers.

(I’ll stop alliterating now…)

It’s the Weekend!

Recruitment is still open :slight_smile:

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and we are still taking in more members, bitter vets and newbro’s alike

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Recruitment is still open, you can get in touch with us through the Evian Ind Recruitment channel.

and we are still open for business today :slight_smile:

Still looking for more Miners :wink:

Recruitment is still on going

Monday is a great day to change corp… :smiley:

Weekends are great too

A week already?

#mineradbumping #notminerbumping





and its that time of the day again :slight_smile: