Hi a new player is looking for a corporation


I’m quite new player in EVE, I have tried it before years ago, however I didn’t stick for long, because I didn’t know what to do. So I was told that I need to join player corporation so here I am! I’m searching for a corporation that could teach newbie like myself and maybe be PvP oriented. :slight_smile:

Thank you

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At this stage in your eve career, I would suggest giving eve uni a go. Avoid the big alliances for now, they just want numbers. Eve uni is purely about teaching players everything they need to know about eve. Once you have around 5 mill skillpoints, look for a corp to grow further in.



Well we are a low sec PvP alliance ( the oldest alliance of Eve in fact) and are opened to newbros.

But as said before by @shimrock , giving Eve Uni a try is maybe a good start to discover the game and see what you enjoy.

We are involved in Faction Warfare and it gives great pvp experience ( solo and small gang pvp) but it has consequences : bad standing with Caldari and Amarr factions, permanent war mechanism ( no concord help for you in High Sec) and enemy faction police hunt you in their space.


Eve is a complex game with a lot of possible careers and play-style. Take your time to see what you enjoy. You can always specialize later by joining a more dedicated corp. We will be happy to welcome you once you reached your decision.

On the other side, don’t keep yourself from doing PvP, because “still early”. You learn blowing ships by blowing ships ( including your own). Knowledge is obtained by joining a corp and having advices : just be sure that’s what you are looking for.

Same advice goes with ads from null sec alliances which will probably appear in your thread : null sec is a play-style and it’s easy to lock yourself in sov space. Don’t expect solo and small gang pvp “low-sec style” in null sec for instance. But you will get there bigger fleets.

Full add can be found here :


The Grove is a new player friendly, very small, casual corps that is operating in low sec space. We run missions, run sites, explore, do some WH daytripping, mine/indy, and some PVP when provoked.

If you’re looking for a place to hang your hat while you learn the game, have some support, as well as not be required to “do” anything, send me a message in game or look us up.


Hi Check us out and hopefully we can have a chat if you like what you see.



Welcome back. I run a small pvp and mentoring corp. Each of my pilots learn so much in the short term that it’s their skill points that lag behind their ability.

Recruitment add below with contact information. We give out Alpha friendly fits for our new guys to learn in.


Thank you all for your replies, but I have found a corporation now! :slight_smile:

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Hey There:

You may want to consider Virtriolic Animosity, a member of the Diplomatic Immunity alliance.

We are a newer corp with a solid mix of veterans (I started playing in 2007) and new players. We have very experienced fleet commander’s and the older players will gladly help you with fits, training plans, etc.

We are a active corps and seek active players. We are currently taking sov in nullsec and will be moving there within the week. So you have a chance to get in on the ground floor.

If you would like to chatwith us, hit us up on VITRI Public, or you can PM Karura Hagakure if you would like a private chat.


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