Hi-sec Concord insurance

The idea is simple, as title suggest, allow a special insurance for Hi-sec with Concord.
This special life-insurance should enable instant concord defending of your ship being aggroed by space bullies, small gangs, potentially saving the customer its valuable assets, and most of all, its pod and clone.

With high inflation rising, an effective security defence force is badly needed to insure people who decides to stay doesn’t have to care about leaving a ship afk for two minutes to go to toilet whilst on a mining mission or whilst doing a PVE mission in the last pocket. Concord should reach you even there, kill the intruders, unless they are not there just to steal, but the moment they target-lock you… I want them vaporized…

This special insurance may be split in the four main factions, it may even come with rewards, special mission givers, etc etc etc.
It would certainly give new breath to the PVE experience, at least from my POV, it would be an insta guarantee for my return as an Omega clone in the game.

What do DEV’s think??

Edit: grinding on an Aexodus idea of Concord repping ships come to rescue first, it came the idea of a small Concord repping ship pre-spawned, always with you but faction sys locked.

Oh boy, you’re in for some troubles. I won’t be the one giving them, but do know that the community doesn’t want highsec to become that safe.

If you want to be safe anywhere in New Eden, your best bet is to not undock at all, from an NPC station just in case the Upwell Structure you’re in gets blown up.

If you really need to go AFK (for something important, you can hold it for five minutes before rushing the toilets), at least be sure to be safe. It costs you nothing to hit the dock button of any citadel or station in the game, so while you’re doing your business, your ship is making its way back to safety and you’ll save ISK, assets and pod.

High sec is not safe and concord aren’t there to protect you.

Welcome to the pvp sandbox.

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Nice troll post. But I give it only a 2/10 because it was so obvious. 2 points for the original salt.

Yeah, this is just low effort bait.

But could you afford the fee? Don’t think it’d be cheap like ship insurance. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

I’ll leave @Nicolai_Serkanner to give you the correct and proper response.

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I absolutely endorse this proposal and suggest price of the service to be 1 trillion/month. Customers are going to love how well it’ll work against Tornado gankers in particular…


No, go away.


I agree with the idea of insurance, but all NPC insurance should be removed. Instead, players should be able to establish a binding contract with another player. If another player wants to insure your ship, then feel free to pay their premiums, and negotiate a reasonable deductible. Good luck! Tell them Aiko sent you, and save 30%!

If your ship’s in trouble, and you need a friend
Call Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiko

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The only insurance policy that is AAA rated is a New Order mining permit.

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