HIC/Recon/Cyno Toon - 36.9m SP

I’m for sale

HIC/Recon/Cyno support toon
+4 implants: per, mem, int, wil
2 bonus remaps available
Located in Jita 4-4
No killrights
Positive wallet
No jump clones

Open to offers

20b offer

21b offer

22b offer

23B offer

23.5 offer

24B offer


25.1B offer


25.6B offer


28.1B offer


@Striker_ksv canceld, so i go back to my first offer of 23B

A bidding war while I was at work? Cool. Bump.


24.1B offer

No. Just because you rescinded your previous higher offer doesn’t undo the fact that there’s a perceived value in the market of at minumum 29.9bn (with the other guy’s bid of 30bn) among some market participants. So that’s the floor at which I’ll entertain future offers.

25b offer