WTS 22 ml toon - Rorqual piloti

Isk positive. Currently in Jita Offers please.

No skillboard or anything?

Sorry I did the skillboard, but do not know how to show it. I looked at the skillboard on another toon, put in Cyno Baitu in the search bar and it came up.

Copy the link of your character, then paste it here.

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I will start with 18b

Thank you. I’ll wait awhile.

He can drive qualified rorq it? If you can, 19B bid

20b. If you like

21B ready

22b :slight_smile:

Too late

@Cyno_Baitu I bid 23 B

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22B 22B is finished, I can also 22B

Pay and give me toon to send too and he is yours at 23bil

Too late atm. Will keep you in mind.

I’m confused, did you accept my bid of 23 B ?

Yes I did, Send isk and who to send the toon too. Thanks

I can do 24b isk and info ready to sent

First person to send the iskies to Cyno Baitu will get the toon.

ISK and info sent