Hiding the character portrait on character sheet

Is there any way to hide the character picture

any help would be greatly appreciated

Currently you can drag and attach the window to another. That gets rid of it.

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I must have done that because my character portrait is gone - how do I get it back?

Try dragging the character sheet off into it’s own window again rather than closing the tabs.


I don’t understand “it’s own window” - there’s no window to drag it to…

Ok. Try attaching that window to another one. Like your wallet or something. And then drag the character sheet back off again.


that did it - thanks

don’t exactly know why I wanted to do it now though LOL


I have been trying to figure this out forever (10 days). You are a genius and going to the top of my Xmas list.


Thanks a lot; bug was annoying :slight_smile:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Its been weeks trying to figure that out. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

That method worked for me. Thank you.

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