Can't see Character Portrait in Character Panel

When I hit my character panel, all I get is my character sheet, without the new character portrait on the left side. Someone said it was a bug, and said docking and undocking fixes, but it didn’t. Did I accidently hit a key combo that turned it off? There is nothing on my character sheet (like a left arrow button) to turn it back on. Just tabs for each category. Right-clicking upper left corner on character sheet has nothing either except show info which does the usual.

Help? I know it’s only a cosmetic problem but it bugs me. No pun intended.

Dray Cil

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Funny, that’s a bug I was I had.

Well, my computer can handle it and I don’t mind the 1-2 second pause to load it up.

An added note: this seems to be only for one character - all other characters show the portrait. Odd.

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There is no short cut to turn it off. Make sure that your character window is really undocked out of a stack. Even if the char window is the only window in the stack it can still be stacked. Even pressing X to close the window does not remove the stack, you have to drag it out of the stack properly. That single window stack would look like this:




Man, I can’t believe I didn’t at least move the window around. I just had to drag it a bit and the portrait re-appeared.


Dray Cil



the last thing we want is for ccp to fix this ‘bug’

What this really means is: Dock the window in a stack (with any other window), then undock it, and the issue is gone.

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thank you sooooooo much! this has been bugging me for at least 2 months now.


Oh my goodness…this happened to me as well. Stacking and unstacking worked. Thank you.

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Getting same. New patch new bug…

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