Character portrait confrmation removal

Please put back the feature where one needed to confirm the new character portrait before finalizing the whole process.

You have removed that confirmation. And now, it is impossible to tell by the 4 tiny pictures on character portrait creation screen, whether they are good enough or not. One can’t even tell whether the character’s eyes are closed or open on those tiny images! The previous confirmation process was working just fine and was necessary. I would like to see it brought back.


I agree 100%.

I even posted about it in the ‘Known Issues’ thread, then a few days later it was listed in patch notes as a feature.

I always used that confirmation pop-up to see which of the four different camera shots I liked the best before clicking ‘Finalize’.


Noticed this as well, I do wonder why this confirmation screen is one. I always liked being able to take a look at the final portrait before confirming.

Don’t worry about that, your eyes on the final portrait won’t be closed even if they are in the tiny image. I’ve tried to get a portrait with closed eyes before. :smiley:

Oh, so this isn’t a known issue, but a feature?

It’s not a choice I would have made, but I can live with that. Less confirmation screens does improve the flow and this screen was not really necessary anyway.

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Yeah, it was listed a couple days after I mentioned it.

However I don’t agree with removing the confirmation pop-up box, it was a good tool to check and compare various portraits before finalizing it.

What’s next, remove the 4 camera shots because most people don’t use all of them?

I agree. I used it as well.

The reason I’m posting is, well, if no speaks up, CCP’s apt to think this change was well received. In my case, it was not.

I sometimes think CCP changes things in the game without realizing just how many players it will impact negatively, or perhaps not even realizing it will impact players negatively (like, we just won’t care one way or the other); and if every impacted player remains silent, I feel that only reinforces CCP’s perception of the player base.

So, I’m speaking up.


don’t give em any more ideas lol.

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Simple feature, non-obtrusive, great utility, inconveniences no one… bring it back.


I (unintentionally) successfully created a closed-eye portrait on one of my alts with this system. Maybe wasn’t possible before they tweaked with it, but sure is now.

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