High class Wh alliance looking for a corp

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Holy Hunters is going to make an alliance soonish and we’re looking for a corporation who would be interested to live in a High class wormhole.

We live in a c5-c5 for both Dank Fights and Dank ISK.We’re looking for a corporation who has the same goals as us such as:

-Pvp Focused but we do Pve as well,
-Looking to be in the same alliance for a long term,
-If everything goes well, we’d merge your corp into ours for many reasons but the main one being:" Bookmark issues",
-Must be EU/US time zone.

Your members need to agree with this:

-We’re looking for pilots who wants to stay in the same corp/alliance for a long term,
-They must be willing to learn wormhole mechanics and learn from their mistakes,
-They must want to do PVP.
-I will take all api keys, full api keys, no expiry date and all characters on all their accounts.

Why would you consider joining us?

-Having more people would be beneficial for all the pilots and we could have more Dank fights,
-C5 isk opportunity is HUGE,
-Because we’re already set up in a High class wormhole.

You will have a better chance to get accepted if:

-Your guys have experience in wormholes,
-Your guys have a decent amount of Skill Points,
-Your guys have 2 accounts ( 1 for scanning, 1 for pvp or both for pvp)

At the end of the day, we want to have fun!

Contact me for more informations.

(Kiven Foster) #2

Is your corp dying or your amount of pilots is too low? Feel free to reach me out if that happens.

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