[High/Low Sec] [PvE/Industry/Mining/PvP] Flying Hippie Commune

Welcome to the Flying Hippie Commune recruitment page!

:pushpin: About the Cop

We’re a corp focused on being a community of players working towards our goals together. I’ve been in too many corps that didn’t work together, and were really just lone wolves who just wanted someone to chat with. That’s not me, so we’ve put together this little shindig. We’re casual and laid back, but big on communication. Your say truly matters.

We’re focused on industry/mining and PvE at this time, with some PvP smattered in here and there. We’re looking into starting Incursions and also we’re going to set up an Engineering Complex.

Being brand new, there’s not a whole lot of assets, but that’s the beauty of this corp. Starting from scratch and being truly involved in the building of the community.

We’re looking for people that are interested on being involved on the activities of the corporation. However, our focus is not on growing the corp quickly, but instead, with quality. With this in mind, we do our utmost to accommodate the types of activities the members are interested on pursuing.

If this resonates with you at any level, then we’re looking for you! Get in on the ground level of a corporation looking to expand its horizons into new frontiers. Your input and contribution will directly shape the growth of this company.

Apply now, and join a corporation where your voice matters!

:pushpin: Our activities:

  • Industry
  • Mining
  • Trade
  • Combat Site
  • Wormhole
  • PvE
  • PvP

At the moment we’re organizing a mining and industry division, combat site running (we use this also to train new players and acquire tactical coordination) and some PvP here and there. We organize weekly ops of the operations listed above and work as a unit to help each other out - even if it’s to go recover the salvage of the sArrowst blew up by afk L4 Lol

:pushpin: What we are looking for:

Any person that is interested in any of our activities - veteran or new player - or wishes to venture into something else that is not listed, is welcome;

  • Being a communicative person is a must! We expect our players to read the in-game mails (however long they are) and voice their opinion on the matter being discussed. Also we have forums for offline discussion and participation in this will also be of utmost importance for the corp’s development;
  • Being interested in interacting with other people! We don’t want people that just come online and do their stuff. In our view, this is not what a corp is for! Aside from attending the ops when you can, we expect people to interact with each other;
  • Be willing to use discord.

:pushpin: Requirements for joining the Hippies

We are big on communication and good communication will be expected of you. With that in mind, you have to:

  • Use Discord - interview is also done through it
  • Be willing to move to our home station or nearby
  • Register at our forums with your in-game main’s name and post your application on it
  • Read in-game mails
  • Full access to your account API Key

Here’s the link to the forums’ “Recruitment” subforum: http://flyinghippiecommune.tk/forum/viewforum.php?f=3

:pushpin: Additional Information
Tax rate: 5%
Headquarters: Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant

You can get to know us and join our public channel at “FHC Public” . You can also cotact me KingdomX2 directly, Frodel Beit-Lehem, Regolis Padecain or shadownailshot for more information about the corporation!

Safe flying and remember - NEVER AUTOPILOT!

We’re looking for new members as we are trying to expand. Pretty soon we’re going to have our own Engineering Complex!

Come and join the Hippies! :grinning:

Our mining is at full speed and now we’re starting out corp industry ops. Also, we’re looking into Incursion running and aiming to get to level 5 missions!

All levels of experience are welcome to the hippies, so come try us out and see if it works out between us! :muscle:

Flying Hippie Commune, the corporation where your voice matters!

This weekend we’re having an internal tournament which rewards a Small Skill Injector to the winner! You can only use T1 frigates with T1 modules… should be fun! :grinning:

We’re looking for more like-minded people to have some fun with! If you’re either looking for a fresh start, come try the Hippies out!

Safe flying! :airplane:

Looking for a corp with goals but a corp where you can chill on? Then you’ve found The Hippies! :hugs:

We’re corp that likes to do stuff together and enjoy EVE as a group! The main goal for the corp is to discuss things openly so that your say directly weights into the future of the corp.

We’re trying to keep active and do a lot of different stuff. For this weekend we have an internal PvP op that rewards a small skill injector for the winner. However, only T1 frigates with T1 modules to try to balance things out a little bit. :rofl:

We also do have our goals! At the moment we are pretty focused on expanding the corp’s operations for Mining/Industry. PvP and Incursions:

  • We plan to start Incursions in, at most, 2 weeks;
  • Also, we’re in dire need of PvP able/willing guys. Have experience or not, you’re welcome;
  • The industry production is also gonna be fully set up and at speed in, at most, 2 weeks.

So come chat with us at our public channel “FHC Public” and get to know us! :upside_down_face:

The Flying Hippie Commune, a corporation where your voice matters.

Some corp updates:

  • We’ve started running Incursions now and we’re getting ready for L5s;
  • Our EC is up and running and we’ve got the fuel production down;
  • For this weekend we have Wormhole training.

We’re a chill corp trying our best to get a foothold somewhere on EVE! :rofl:

Come try the Hippies out!

Safe flying!