High Sec Alliance Looking for PVP & Industry Corps

ISK.Enterprises are looking for PVP corps/players, as well as Industry Corps/players.

We are expanding into PVP and welcome all who are interested in FC’ing initiating/coordinating PVP fleets.
We have an SRP program for all PVP ops
Local Market
Or build to order pretty much anything

We are also looking for Industry Corps who want to operate out of HighSec.
We offer plenty of moons to keep you busy
As well as a BuyBack Program for all Ore/MoonGoo/Minerals at 95% Jita Pricing
A HighSec BuyBack for anything and everything at 90% Jita Pricing
SRP for any ships lost during MOPS

Also looking for Ice Miners & Haulers 100% BuyBack on Ice and Incentives for hauling to market.

Any that are interested stop into our DS with any questions.

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